Conservatives, How Can You Live With Yourselves?

Conservatives inherently want to keep the status quo – great. Nothing says introspective self progress like getting up on the same side of the bed every day refusing to change or grow. I know any time I come up with an idea to better myself – learn something new, lose weight, make more money, etc. – immediately my ego takes over and says “No, thanks! Why would I eff up something so completely perfect?!?”.

Hope you’re sensing the sarcasm.

But let’s set aside (at least briefly) the asinine need to keep things like they are and how completely counterproductive it is to try to do so. Let’s instead focus on how many babies republicans are insisting on throwing out with the bath water.

The supposed basis for their principles is Christianity yet they seem to base as much on Adam Smith’s ideas of a free market as much as they do the teachings of Jesus Christ. The idea here is that freedom trumps everything else. A company’s freedom to destroy the environment to obtain more profit, for example, is necessary for the system to work properly, they say. The company will then hire more people and stimulate the economy and then unicorns will mate with dragons and have one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eaters.

We all know that this is not how it works. Well, maybe we subconsciously know? We know that our neighbors don’t have enough money for new siding and that CEOs and basketball players have every conceivable luxury, but maybe we don’t truly get it, so here’s the dumbed down, simplified version for you:

Trickle Down Economics does not work.

It doesn’t work in a vacuum and it doesn’t work in the real world. It doesn’t work on a ham sandwich or as a toupee. It’s the hack fantasy brainchild of half-wit Ronald Reagan and it never even made sense on paper let alone worked in the real world. The main reason it doesn’t work is greed. You can’t give greedy people more money and expect them to spend more if they don’t need to. That literally has no basis in reality.

So, you have an entire economy that is now built on a (hopefully inadvertent) lie. And the inequality, the chasm between the rich and poor keeps growing and becoming more and more destructive and unmanageable.

But the religious right keeps voting for it (ostensibly) because of their fear of liberal progress in social issues. They believe issues like gay marriage, planned parenthood, and abortion are important enough to continue voting against and are (again, hopefully inadvertently) supporting the idea that CEOs should make 350 times what the average worker makes. They say they shouldn’t be forced to pay for someone else’s birth control or abortion…. and then continue to support lawmakers and companies that make it impossible for people to make a living wage with unskilled work. It’s utter nonsense. If you want people to be able to afford to pay their own way – if you are sick of having to support other people – then support policies that make them self-sufficient ie. higher minimum wage, maximum wage for executives, tax breaks for the middle class, tuition free college (or interest free, flexible college loans), and the end of Trickle Down Economic policy. Otherwise, you are saying you want people to do for themselves and then standing in the way.

If this country is going to work going forward the Republican party needs to stop using hypocrisy as it’s foundation and organizing principle. Stop trying to take the country back. We need to take it forward.

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